Happy 1st year anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Kline.  A year ago I had the distinct pleasure of photographing another milestone event in Danielle’s life, her wedding to the man of her dreams.  Danielle has always had a very special place in my heart.  She is probably the one client I have worked with the longest.  I met Danielle after she had her braces removed  and she was chosen as Patient of the Month by Dr. A.G. Burris.  Little did we know that would be the beginning of a long relationship.  When we were planning the wedding, I went to Lisa’s, her mother and took a stroll down memory lane as I walked from room to room and saw photos I had taken of her at different stages in her life.  Now that young lady has grown to be a beautiful young women and has married the man of her dreams, and all  I can say is WOW!  Reflecting on time together was an emotional journey and now I have been adopted as her “other mother.”  Thank you Lisa for sharing your daughter with me.  Dustin, take care of our girl! I wish you both many more years of growth, love and happiness.  Cheers to Mr. & Mrs. Dustin Kline!!